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Epson EB25000U Projector
25,000 lum
Full HD
HDMI / Fully Mappable
X32 Digital Sound Mixer
32 ch Dante Interface Card
40-Input - Midas Preamps
25 Motorized Faders
iPad/iPhone Remote Contro
Chamsys PC Wing
8 Encoders, 12 Faders
2 Direct DMX Outputs
64 Universes
Programming & Playback Buttons
Mackie SRM650
2 x XRL Jack Inputs
Feedback destroyer
15" Driver
Panasonic PT-EX16KE
16,000 lumens brightness
Pure Colour Control
2,500:1 high contrast ratio
4 x 380W lamps
Maverick MK2 Spot
440 W LED engine
CMY + CTO color mixing
2 x rotating gobo wheels
13º – 37º zoom range
JTS UR-20 Radio Mic
upto 20 Channels
Theatre headsets
12h rechargeable batteries
Built in equalizer
Robe DL7S
800w RGB LED Chip
CYM & RGB Mixing
2 Rotating Gobo Wheels
4 Blade framing shutters
FBT Ventis 206A
Active Speaker
700W + 200W RMS
Flown or Stands

FBT Ventis 112sa
Active Speaker
700W + 200W RMS
Flown or Stands

Sharpie Beam
230w Lamp
14 Colour wheel
14 Gobo wheel
8 way Prism
Mackie 15A Thump
100 Watt Compression Driver
300 Watt Woofer
Lightweight Design
Adjustable 3-Band EQ
QLab Licence Rental
Powerful video playback
Playlist, Trim , Surfaces
No playback Lag
Multilayers playback
ADJ 1400w Hazer
1400w Heater
3 & 5 pin DMX
Output: 15,000 cubic ft. per min
External fog fluid tank: 5.6 Liter
Vertical Smoke Machine
21x 3w RGB LEDs
vertical or horizontal mounting
Output: 4000 cfm
Power 1500 W
Low Smoke - DNG-200
1450 W Fogger
750 W Compressor
Output: 120 m² / min
Warm-up time: 8 mins
8m x 6m LED Star Cloth
8m Wide
6m Tall with Top Ties
DMX & Building Chase
7 LED channels
ADJ Inno Z7
7 x 10w RGBW LED
70w total Power
10° - 60° Motirised Zoom
14 DMX channels
ADJ Inno Z19
19 x 10w RGBW LED
190w total Power
10° - 60° Motirised Zoom
14 DMX channels
Cold Spark Pyro FX
Indoor / Outdoor usage
Very low smoke, dissipates fast
1-4m Height
30 second intervals
ColorBlaze 48 (1.2m)
RGB Chips
1-8 segments / 3-24 Channels
Flown or Floor standing
1.2m Long
LEDJ Hex Performer 18
216w LED
40° Fixed beam
3,343 Lux @ 2m
50m Festoons
All White Bulbs
Mix Col Bulbs
16a plugs
Indoor / Outdoor
Shure SM58
Tailored for vocals
Brightened midrange
Cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic
Frequency: 50 to 15,000 Hz
160w LED
40 Fixed beam
8,054 Lux @ 2m
8 Way Audience Blinder
650W x 8
5200w total
790 x 465 x 103 mm
2 x 16a plugs
3 pin DMX/XLR Cables
1m - 30m lenths

16A Power Cable
1m - 30m Lenths
HO7 Cable
3 Core
13a Power cables
1.5mm Cable
1m - 10m Lenths
4 way
3 Core
Video Cables
DMX Adaptors
5 pin to 3 pin
3 pin to 5 pin
XLR to RJ45

32a 3ph Distro
4 x 16a sockets
2 x 15a
6 x IEC

Large Heavy Duty Fan
3 speed control
24” Wide
300° tilt range
222mᶟ per minute
63A 3ph Distro
32a 3ph out
2 x 32a 1ph
8 x 16a 1ph
RCD Breakers
32a HO7 Cable
10 - 30m Lengths

8 Way DI Box
8 Jack inputs
8 XLR outputs
ICE Power
8 Jack Link outputs
Tank Traps
600mm x 600mm
48mm vertical tube
Weight: 16.14 Kg
stacking for transport
Fast Fold Screen 20ft x 15ft
15ft High
20ft Wide
Front or Rear Projection
Massive impact